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  • Renowable Energy

    Wind power is the most mature and developed renewable energy. The electricity is being generated by the wind employing the kinetic energy generated by the effect of air currents. It is a source of clean and renewable energy, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and preserve the environment.Wind energy has been used since ancient times to move sailboats or operate the mill machinery by moving the blades.

    The energy has been produced through wind turbines since the early twentieth century. In these moves a wind propeller and through a mechanical system rotates the rotor of a generator, typically an alternator, which produces electricity.

    Wind turbines are often grouped together into concentrations known as wind farms. It is to make better use of energy, reducing environmental impact at the same time. The machines have a lifespan of twenty years.

  • In Spain

    Spain is an isolated region with strong energy dependence from the outside (with about 80 per cent of primary energy supply coming from fossil fuels) and needs to enhance more security of energy supplies.

    Wind energy is an indigenous source of energy generating over 16% of electricity. This helped to avoid fossil fuel imports (which are a serious burden on the external trade balances of Spain and hinder economic recovery) worth over 1,541 million Euros in 2009. Spain´s wind sector is a model by having world leaders and strong small and medium enterprises throughout the supply chain. Wind energy will play an essential role in meeting the EU's objectives of all electricity production from renewable energy sources by 2020.

    It is an engine for the entire rural community in which it is located (job creation, local suppliers, and demand for services). Spain is the fourth country in the world in wind patents: in 2009, the sector invested 156 million euros in R & D. The wind energy sector contributed 32.07 billion Euros to Spain´s GDP in 2009 and the export contribution was of 21 billions of Euros.

  • Advantages

    Wind power does not pollute, is inexhaustible and slows the depletion of fossil fuels contributing to prevent climate change. It is a leading technology that avoids CO2 emissions (20.6 million tons in 2009, representing a savings of around 270 million euros). This renewable energy contributes, more than others, in a large scale, to reducing the production of carbon dioxide in the framework of international commitments. Each kWh produced from wind energy has a 21 times less impact than that produced from oil, 10 times less than that of nuclear energy and 5 times less than gas.

    There has been growing concern in recent years over the environmental impacts of still increasing emissions and some other factors. The world is running out of time to make sure there is enough energy to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population. All this made essential that we immediately develop and introduce new, clean and renewable energy sources including wind power, which has experienced a rapid development in recent years.

    There are a range of advantages of wind power to look at:

    • It produces clean energy, with no greenhouse gas emissions, and is absolutely eco-friendly.
    • The installation can be performed in a relatively short period of time.
    • The land is not subjected to any environmental designations. Farm animals and wind farms co-exist very happily.You can also build a Wind Farm in the mountains, desert, or install a sea-based wind farms (offshore installations) or base them in the sea (offshore installations).
  • Ecoventia´s contribution

    The power of wind turbines has been increasing as the technology progresses. This requires wind towers of greater height and capacity to hold up to the rigors associated with the vibration of the turbines at the maximum overall turbine height. Therefore, the tendency is to produce taller towers, and this is where ECOVENTIA´s precast concrete wind tower comes into play.

    Our tower is not only competitive when considering conventional heights, but also, the greater the height of the tower, the greater the benefit derived from the use of ECOVENTIA´s concrete towers in comparison to conventional towers. Unlike the traditional towers- its inflexible design and other disadvantages, ECOVENTIA provides the customer with a height quality, cost competitive and flexible design “on demand”.

    There are numerous examples of vertical concrete structures performed "in situ", usually with climbing or sliding formworks. However, the realization of concrete wind towers with these techniques is not considered adequate, mainly because of the cost of that kind of formworks, an unacceptable execution time, and uncertainty of carrying out the entire production and construction in the open air. Therefore, we believe that the best option for the implementation of wind turbines is its prefabrication using prestressed concrete elements, which is the option developed by ECOVENTIA.

ECOVENTIA has developed cutting- edge- technology to offer its precast, pre-stressed concrete wind tower, backed by PACADAR Group.The latter is one of largest independent suppliers of precast concrete products to the construction industry, which covers each and every aspect of precast concrete products, from design and manufacturing, through to installation on site. And counts with over 60 years of experience in the field.

ECOVENTIA´s precast pre-stressed concrete wind tower has followed a careful design process. The main goal was to provide an innovative, competitive and full of advantages over steel and concrete towers product.

Currently, ECOVENTIA has a large number of factories located at strategic points around the country, which allows us to provide our products without any problem to the whole Iberian Peninsula, neighboring countries and North Africa. However, once our presence consolidated in these markets, a new concept is developed by ECOVENTIA, which allows the company to export to other countries in the world its immeasurable and priceless know-how through the implementation of manufacturing facilities near location of the construction site - a completely self-contained precast concrete wind tower production facility that can be instantly located anywhere you want it, even in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

ECOVENTIA is able to set up a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world in record time while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity, efficiency and guarantee.

ECOVENTIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of PACADAR, European market leader for precast concrete. PACADAR GROUP activities in wind power market are concentrated in ECOVENTIA.

Following business corporation instructions of the group of companies to which it belongs to, ECOVENTIA has developed its pre-stressed concrete wind towers, fully sustainable and green from the start of the manufacturing process until the end of its useful life.

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Operating in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, India, etc., the Villar Mir Group strengthens its leadership position as an international group.

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