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  • Objetives

    PACADAR, ECOVENTIA´s parent company, is the leading corporation in design, transportation and installation of all types of Pre-cast Concrete structures in the European market. Since its establishment in 1944, PACADAR has been characterized by implementing construction solutions based on precast concrete, when traditionally some other materials and building systems were used.

    In 2006, taking advantage of this accumulated deep and thorough know-how on precast technology, ECOVENTIA took up the challenge to design a concrete wind tower which would solve the many problems that those structures used to have at that time:

    • Visual impact of wind farms.
    • Resistance to fatigue, vibration and dynamic effects.
    • Very short period of time of manufacturing and assembly.
  • Features

    The ECOVENTIA´s prestressed precast concrete wind tower has followed a thorough and careful design process. Finally, the objective has been met. ECOVENTIA achieved an innovative and competitive product with a large number of advantages over other towers in the market – over those made of steel as well as the concrete ones. Large investment in research and development has enabled the studies on our prestressed precast concrete wind tower.

    Some of advantages of ECOVENTIA´s concrete wind tower over the other steel towers for wind turbines currently offered in the market, are as follows:

    • Increased capacity: ECOVENTIA´s concrete wind tower has a number of physical characteristics that give better benefits such as a greater stiffness, mass, damping and better fatigue resistance.
    • Tower adjustable frequency: The frequency of vibration of the tower can be adjusted at the design stage when required by the client. This is to avoid unwanted vibrations.
    • Quality product for long life and very low maintenance costs. Our concrete shafts require almost no maintenance and its design lifetime exceeds 25 years. Currently, the steel tower design life is limited to 25 years and during this time they do require a serious maintenance.
    • Cost advantages of concrete: Besides the points mentioned above, there is one key advantage: lower price of ECOVENTIA´s concrete wind tower in comparison to steel towers.
  • Advantages

    Our wind tower can compete not only with the steel towers but also with the concrete ones. There are several advantages in key aspects/elements:

    • Post-tensioning system on construction site is not required. ECOVENTIA does not need to use the post-tensioning system on site. In this way the production is being increased and costs are falling.
    • Less execution time comparing with other concrete towers allows us to install 2 and a half towers per week and team.
    • Easy Transport: Special design of our tower allows its easy transport. Divided into parts or "segments" where necessary and adapted to the Local and State Transportation Regulations.
    • No crack or fissure appears during the service life of the tower which ensure adequate and constant frequency response.
    • Competitive Pricing: ECOVENTIA´s concrete wind tower costs are lower than of our competitors.

ECOVENTIA has developed cutting- edge- technology to offer its precast, pre-stressed concrete wind tower, backed by PACADAR Group.The latter is one of largest independent suppliers of precast concrete products to the construction industry, which covers each and every aspect of precast concrete products, from design and manufacturing, through to installation on site. And counts with over 60 years of experience in the field.

ECOVENTIA´s precast pre-stressed concrete wind tower has followed a careful design process. The main goal was to provide an innovative, competitive and full of advantages over steel and concrete towers product.

Currently, ECOVENTIA has a large number of factories located at strategic points around the country, which allows us to provide our products without any problem to the whole Iberian Peninsula, neighboring countries and North Africa. However, once our presence consolidated in these markets, a new concept is developed by ECOVENTIA, which allows the company to export to other countries in the world its immeasurable and priceless know-how through the implementation of manufacturing facilities near location of the construction site - a completely self-contained precast concrete wind tower production facility that can be instantly located anywhere you want it, even in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

ECOVENTIA is able to set up a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world in record time while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity, efficiency and guarantee.

ECOVENTIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of PACADAR, European market leader for precast concrete. PACADAR GROUP activities in wind power market are concentrated in ECOVENTIA.

Following business corporation instructions of the group of companies to which it belongs to, ECOVENTIA has developed its pre-stressed concrete wind towers, fully sustainable and green from the start of the manufacturing process until the end of its useful life.

Ecoventia Wind Towers S.L.

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Ecoventia Group is a company which belongs to the Pacadar Group which in turn belongs to the Villar Mir Group, one of the major holding companies in Europe.

Villar Mir Group operates in over 20 countries worldwide.

Operating in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, India, etc., the Villar Mir Group strengthens its leadership position as an international group.

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