Where we operate?

  • Ecoventia´s international vocation

    ECOVENTIA is a subsidiary company of PACADAR which is integrated into the Villar Mir Group, one of the largest industrial groups in Europe with strong global presence. Internationalization of ECOVENTIA is the main strategic business objective of the company.

    To provide its customers all over the world with the same quality standards that the company traditionally has offered to the markets where has been operating for over 65 years (southern Europe and North Africa), ECOVENTIA has developed the concept of PRECAST CONCRETE MOBILE FACTORY.

  • Ability to manufacture all over the world

    ECOVENTIA is able to set up a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world in record time while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity and efficiency, beside the others:

    • The flexible production capability: No minimum or maximum thresholds, as required by the customer.
    • The same procedures and construction methods anywhere in the world, maintaining the highest standards and quality certifications worldwide.
    • Local production of our towers, with all the advantages and possibilities that these entails, such as creating new job positions for local population and promote the local economic environments.
    • The set up of manufacturing plant on site is being executed in a record time – concrete plant in 3 days, production lines in less than one week and cranes in less than two weeks.A specially designed lifting and handling equipment is being used.
    • Solutions adopted and developed by ECOVENTIA give a lot of advantages to our clients, who can be practically assured of making the costs of the variation in steel prices independent, a factor which is a great advantage at certain locations.
    • There is the possibility of relocating the on-site facility, once the production and installation is completed, with very low redeployment costs.
  • On-site facilities

    Some of the most remarkable features of ECOVENTIA´s precast concrete on-site facility are:

    • Capacity and flexibility: It is about completely modular manufacturing plants where it is possible to increase the production lines, fully independent of each other.
    • Synchronizing of manufacturing and assembly: a special stock area has been designed and provided for any on-site facility. The area is large enough to get rid of the problems related to uncertainty caused by weather conditions or other problems which may arise during the assembly of the towers.
    • Physical Plant Flexibility: the plant can be defined so that it can adapt to any terrain.
    • Installation and set up of entire manufacturing plant on site is within 16 weeks and after that period of time requires another 2 weeks for commissioning and testing to start production.

ECOVENTIA has developed cutting- edge- technology to offer its precast, pre-stressed concrete wind tower, backed by PACADAR Group.The latter is one of largest independent suppliers of precast concrete products to the construction industry, which covers each and every aspect of precast concrete products, from design and manufacturing, through to installation on site. And counts with over 60 years of experience in the field.

ECOVENTIA´s precast pre-stressed concrete wind tower has followed a careful design process. The main goal was to provide an innovative, competitive and full of advantages over steel and concrete towers product.

Currently, ECOVENTIA has a large number of factories located at strategic points around the country, which allows us to provide our products without any problem to the whole Iberian Peninsula, neighboring countries and North Africa. However, once our presence consolidated in these markets, a new concept is developed by ECOVENTIA, which allows the company to export to other countries in the world its immeasurable and priceless know-how through the implementation of manufacturing facilities near location of the construction site - a completely self-contained precast concrete wind tower production facility that can be instantly located anywhere you want it, even in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

ECOVENTIA is able to set up a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world in record time while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity, efficiency and guarantee.

ECOVENTIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of PACADAR, European market leader for precast concrete. PACADAR GROUP activities in wind power market are concentrated in ECOVENTIA.

Following business corporation instructions of the group of companies to which it belongs to, ECOVENTIA has developed its pre-stressed concrete wind towers, fully sustainable and green from the start of the manufacturing process until the end of its useful life.

Ecoventia Wind Towers S.L.

Paseo de la Castellana 259D. Edificio Torrespacio.

28046 Madrid (España)

Tf: +34 915 297 900; Fax: +34 915 297 909

Ecoventia Group is a company which belongs to the Pacadar Group which in turn belongs to the Villar Mir Group, one of the major holding companies in Europe.

Villar Mir Group operates in over 20 countries worldwide.

Operating in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Russia, India, etc., the Villar Mir Group strengthens its leadership position as an international group.

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