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  • Experience and know-how of the Group

    ECOVENTIA has developed cutting- edge- technology to offer its precast, pre-stressed concrete wind tower, backed by PACADAR Group. The latter is a leading company with over 60 years of experience in field of design, transportation and installation of precast concrete.

    Those are the reasons which makes ECOVENTIA able to offer the innovative solutions to meet targets for various market scenarios. Some of our capabilities include:

    • Flexible design to suit the client's requirements, that fits perfectly to working conditions and requests.Flexible production capacity – there is no minimum or maximum threshold.
    • The assembly process is designed to raise wind towers the most efficient way, up to 2.5 towers per week and team (however, the greater the team, the greater the capability).
  • The added value of Ecoventia

    To meet these objectives, ECOVENTIA has designed a concrete tower composed of "sectors" or parts, which are designed for its optimal transportation, according to local laws, and which do not require expensive and / or complex transport structures.

    Once on site, only two cranes are needed for the assembly process, which takes place quickly and efficiently, with alternatives of the process offered to the client.

    To fulfill the demanding requirements of all kind that a concrete tower should meet when holding and bearing with the forces of the turbine, ECOVENTIA team has concluded that the best solution is the use of Steel Fiber Reinforced Prestressed Concrete.

  • Advantages of the system

    The addition of fiber stitches to concrete, gives rise to the following characteristic properties, among others:

    • Steel fiber stitches sews together cracks in concrete forming a kind of "bridge" between the coarse aggregate, allowing a controlled formation of cracks, leading to a ductile behavior after initial cracking and preventing brittle fracture of it.
    • Increased abrasion resistance due to a reduction of cracking.
    • Provides excellent corrosion resistance, since controlling the crack opening and therefore entry of water.
    • Improved tensile strength, bending and shear, resulting in increased bearing capacity.
    • Provides additional capacity of resistance due to plastic moment redistribution in case of localized solicitations.
    • Achieves high resilience (ability to absorb energy of impacts) and impact resistance to dynamic stress.
    • Provides consistent reinforcement in three directions, making it an homogeneous isotropic material, with equal performance in all directions.
    • Due to the isotropic and uniform distribution of fibers in the whole structure It is Ideal solution for loads without defined point of application.
    • Allows material savings since the thickness can be reduced while retaining the same properties.

    On the other hand, in the prestressed concrete, the existing tensile stresses are being eliminated by introduction of compressive stresses before the application of external loads; and overlapping with these, the total permanent stresses, for all scenarios considered, are included between the limits that the material can endure indefinitely.

ECOVENTIA has developed cutting- edge- technology to offer its precast, pre-stressed concrete wind tower, backed by PACADAR Group.The latter is one of largest independent suppliers of precast concrete products to the construction industry, which covers each and every aspect of precast concrete products, from design and manufacturing, through to installation on site. And counts with over 60 years of experience in the field.

ECOVENTIA´s precast pre-stressed concrete wind tower has followed a careful design process. The main goal was to provide an innovative, competitive and full of advantages over steel and concrete towers product.

Currently, ECOVENTIA has a large number of factories located at strategic points around the country, which allows us to provide our products without any problem to the whole Iberian Peninsula, neighboring countries and North Africa. However, once our presence consolidated in these markets, a new concept is developed by ECOVENTIA, which allows the company to export to other countries in the world its immeasurable and priceless know-how through the implementation of manufacturing facilities near location of the construction site - a completely self-contained precast concrete wind tower production facility that can be instantly located anywhere you want it, even in remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

ECOVENTIA is able to set up a manufacturing plant anywhere in the world in record time while at the same time maintaining the same level of productivity, efficiency and guarantee.

ECOVENTIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of PACADAR, European market leader for precast concrete. PACADAR GROUP activities in wind power market are concentrated in ECOVENTIA.

Following business corporation instructions of the group of companies to which it belongs to, ECOVENTIA has developed its pre-stressed concrete wind towers, fully sustainable and green from the start of the manufacturing process until the end of its useful life.

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